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A marketer is a creator, an artist who closely spectates customers’ pains and comes up with a solution. Every business runs into people with creative heads to top up their marketing campaigns. The technological advancement in the marketing industry has not left any eye unnoticed. Companies no more focus on lengthy marketing campaigns but instead appoint a digital marketing team. They collaborate with social media influencers and discuss the marketing plans in length to create content to pivot the latest trends.

Influencers are the shining stars of the marketing industry, taking over traditional marketing and setting new goals for upcoming technological advancements. Collaborating with influencers is a must-have for every business to sustain its brand image organically. There is a booming market for influencers in every sector. They benefit companies with increased revenues by generating trendy content.

The advent of influencers has led to a shift in company dynamics. Let’s see how?


A shift from designing to assigning 


The marketing department is undoubtedly the most hustling one. The urge to create constructive content leading to CTAs keeps the creative heads occupied. With the inception of digital marketing and its noted popularity since the pandemic in 2019, traditional marketing has taken the back seat. 

Companies these days spend more time and money on collaborating with influencers than increasing the number of people in their marketing team. Hence, companies do not need to design the entire campaign independently. With influencers by their side, they get content that is real, authentic, appealing, and intriguing to the target customers. You only have to familiarise them with your brand, mission, and vision. Once they know your content requirements, they could be seen designing reliable content for your brand. 


A shift from a sale-centric to a consumer-centric approach


Now that everybody is accepting and following technological advancements, it’s time to understand the importance of the shift from sales to consumers as the center of marketing. The purpose of marketing is no longer limited to increasing sales. Now, more attention is given to attracting and retaining potential customers. A study says 7 out of 10 customers trust the opinion of influencers as much as of a close friend. If stats are to be believed,


72% of social media users say they have built trust in the influencers they follow;

66% claim that their purchasing decisions are driven by influencers; and,

64% say influencers help them discover new brands.


The influencers hold a solid loyal audience base on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Companies collaborate with influencers of their niche to access their target audience. People these days are skeptical about choosing brands and trusting their products before making the final purchasing decision. This is where influencers come in and bridge the gap between the company and buyers. Hence, influencers help convert potential buyers into actual customers by giving a first-hand real detailed review.


A shift from Print to Digital Posting


Earlier companies used to focus on print media for marketing campaigns. This dynamic has drastically changed with the increased popularity of influencers. Since everything is digitalized in the modern era, people are more interested in watching videos concerning a product’s price, its usage, durability, etc., rather than reading the printed paper.

If you want to stay in the trends, you should follow them. A study based on the brand-influencer dynamic by and WARC states that the success of brands and influencers go hand in hand. Marketers hire 75% influencers for brand awareness and 73% for brand engagement respectively. Also, 58% of influencers commit that their core reason to work with marketers is to create authentic content. 


Influencers Turned Sponsors  


People give more credibility to influencers than actual brand ambassadors these days. They sure get attracted by a celebrity’s face on a brand’s page. But when the question of actually buying the product comes, most people prefer following the advice coming from influencers. The reason is plain and simple. Influencers impart correct and true information to sustain long-lasting relationships with their followers. Hence, companies invest in having long-term collaboration with trusted influencers for increased CTAs.


Final word


Influencer marketing is by far the most effective both from cost and ROI points of view. This space is gaining outstanding fame, and so are the people creating it. Influencers are no less than celebrities these days. They make huge amounts of money by creating content that is engaging, authentic, and catchy. Now that they know they are the heroes of the marketing world, they give their heart and soul to creating the best-suited content for brands. 

Also, companies these days believe in collaborating on long-term projects with influencers, allowing them stable revenue. Hence, influencer marketing has become a successful walk of life for people who are up for perpetual content creation, degradation, and growth in the digital marketing sector.


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