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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking/marketing platform. A company’s LinkedIn page represents its brand and attracts top talent. The page should be the destination where people come to get to know the brand. Increasing the following of the page can lead to a more organic reach.

There are many ways through which one can improve the optimization of a LinkedIn page. We have compiled together a few tips on how you can do it organically. Here’s how:

  1. Update The LinkedIn Page
  2. Use Social Media Rich Content
  3. Involve The Employees
  4. Post Regularly

Update The LinkedIn Page

First, one should add a profile image. The first thing that people see when they land on the company’s LinkedIn page is the profile image and it is always important to make a good first impression. Moreover, company pages with profile pictures get six times more visitors than those without. The profile image of a company’s page is usually the company’s logo. The profile banner feature is where the company can get creative.

Catchy images will attract the audience but words will hook them in. Construct a well-optimized ‘About Us’ page telling everything one needs to know about the company. The use of simple language along with keywords is important so that anyone who visits can understand. It should be able to answer questions such as ‘who are you, ‘where are you based’, ‘what do you offer’, ‘what are your values, etc.

Use Social Media Rich Content

Make the company’s page visually compelling. Use catchy images for all the updates. One can rotate the company’s profile banner every six months to keep the page visually appealing. The banner can be used to highlight any upcoming events, campaigns, etc. Moreover, the updates should be kept short and sweet. The content writer should remember that they have only a few seconds to entice the audience and convince them to click on the update. It is preferred to use 150 characters or lower to inform the audience. Marketers can get creative by asking controversial questions or highlight an important factor of the update while writing the meta description for it.

Involve The Employees

Employees are important assets when it comes to promoting the company’s LinkedIn page and increasing their follower base. Encourage employees to share the message with their peers and coworkers who are curious to understand the workings of the company. This is essential for promoting new pages. Ensure that the company’s employees are properly mapped to the company’s LinkedIn page. This can be done by them citing it as their ‘Work Experience’ on their own LinkedIn page. When the employee makes a new connection, the new connection will be prompted to visit the company’s page. The employees can add the page link as their email signatures as well, encouraging the recipients to give it a follow.

Post Regularly

One should ensure that there is a steady flow of content. Pages who publish at least once a week see a 2x boost in traffic, which in effect contributes to greater organic reach, making it more appealing for new followers. Additionally, try to use at least three new hashtags at regular intervals. This will ensure that the content posted will reach the feeds of new communities; thus gaining new followers.

One can adjust the content based on the ‘on-page analytics. LinkedIn page admins can access the analysis feature which provides information about followers and visitors as well as the engagement data for the updates posted. This data can be used to figure out what the audience wants and to cater the content to that need.


Just like every other social media platform, LinkedIn can also be a great digital platform for promoting your company. Following the steps mentioned above can help your LinkedIn page gain more followers and have a higher ranking in search engine results. All this can be achieved organically. If you found this blog to be helpful, visit our website for more blogs.