Kofluence is helping creators monetize their social value and reach a wider audience through performance marketing campaigns, where every piece of content is valued, paid for and provided exposure to in the best ways possible.With effective compensation and transparent metrics to measure performance, our creators earn guaranteed payouts in tandem with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like clicks, instals, registrations and so on.


We deliver on what we promise. Hear it from some of our top-performing creators.

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I’m Timothy Jaimy from Kerala, social media influencer.It’s been a year since I joined Kofluence community. It’s an amazing app for Instagram influencers and content creators, they’ve got some awesome campaigns, which are easy to apply and you’re told the status within a day. They also brief about the campaigns in detail. Also, it’s definitely easy to use.


Last week I got a campaign #dominosinstalls. I was selected and I have been working for 1 week.My total earnings to date was a good amount which can definitely motivate the content creators. This is the most exciting and interesting campaign I have ever done, where I am earning money for every installation I get through my unique link. Thank you Domino’s Pizza for your Collaboration and I’m also thankful to Kofluence App.

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Hey I am Surbhi Jindal, a social media influencer and my instagram handle is @crispy_bites_ and I must say I am so astonished with the concept of performance marketing at kofluence app. I can earn 3 times more than the usual campaigns. The best feature about these campaigns is unlimited earnings and content can be created easily for the same. Kofluence has given a lot of opportunities to different creators to earn as much as they want . App is very user friendly and I highly recommend every influencer to check out this app for amazing collaboration opportunities.

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Our creators have had great success using performance marketing to drive traffic and extend their reach on their social media. By targeting their audience with data-centric precision and tracking results in real-time, creators have been able to effectively promote products and services and build their online reputation.


Kofluence is proud to assist influencers in their performance marketing efforts, by facilitating renowned brand collaboration for high-quality products or services, offering competitive rates, and supporting influencers with marketing materials and guidance, If you’re considering partnering with us, we hope these testimonials give you a sense of the value we provide and the positive experiences our influencers have had working with us. Thank you to all of our performance partners for the support!


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