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Our Story

The 2020s have been the decade of Influencer Democratisation. Anyone with a camera and creativity can create high impact content. Despite the market explosion, however, the current industry with its manual operational approach is rife with inefficiencies, trust and transparency concerns. Especially Micro and Nano creators who possess real influence are often ignored due to a lack of Platform Play.

Our mission was to level the playing field for both Creators and Brands, providing them with a platform to connect and thrive. As our journey began, a talented group of young disruptors joined our unit, infusing the team with a burst of creativity and energy. With their passion and innovation, we are building a data-driven platform designed to streamline the influencer marketing process and foster strong relationships between Creators and Brands. 

In essence, the Kofluence ecosystem is a coalition of brands, creators, and content. We offer a connective marketplace where brands and social users can discover and be discovered by one another, handpick who they wish to work with and at a price of their choice. We foster India’s ever-growing creator’s economy to monetize their reach and make a living doing what they love.

With our platform at the helm, we hope to create disruptive SaaS products that pave the path beyond brand collaborations. As the market share continues to grow and the significance of influencer marketing increases in the world of advertising, technology and automation have become crucial tools to bring structure to the industry. That is where Kofluence comes into play for brands. 

At Kofluence, the world is your canvas, and we are the brush to help paint your masterpiece. So when you’re ready to make your mark, think Kofluence, where creativity and influence come as a team.

Who we are?

Kofluence is a disruptive AI-powered Ad-Tech influencer platform that empowers both brands and influencers to capitalize on the value of their social influence. We firmly believe that with the right opportunities, individuals of all backgrounds can transform their social reach into a source of income. Our technology-driven marketplace seamlessly connects brands and social users, enabling them to discover and curate collaborations based on their preferences. With a robust community of over 600,000 creators collectively reaching over 6 billion individuals, we stand as leaders in influencer marketing technology. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we have successfully delivered value across 30 different sectors.

Our Mission

To help you unlock value from your social influence

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For Creators!

Our Vision
To ignite opportunities and make social influence accessible for all

We aim to incite new opportunities for personal and professional growth by helping creators use their reach to build their brand, engage with their audience, and pursue their passion for content creation. We believe that social influence should be accessible to all, regardless of their background or platform, and we aim to provide the tools and resources necessary to help creators tap into this power and turn from creator to ‘creator-preneur’

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For Brands!

Our Vision
To draw on the social influence of users and make influencer marketing a viable performance-based alternative 

We aspire to revolutionize the world of influencer marketing. We believe that influencer marketing should be a performance-based alternative that provides real value to brands and their customers. By maximizing the power of social influence, we aim to help brands reach their target audience in a more authentic and impactful way, driving greater engagement and measurable results.