Grow Your Influence
With Kofluence

Start earning on your influencer journey and grow multifold on your social media platforms. We’ll help you connect your content with the right brands.

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Grow Your Influence
With Kofluence

Start earning on your influencer journey and grow multifold on your social media platforms. We’ll help you connect your content with the right brands.

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Influencers Who Love Kofluence

Nano Influencer

The captivating influencers with a highly engaged and trusted audience serving a niche category.

Budding Influencer

These upcoming influencers produce high-quality content catering to a focused area of interest.

Micro Influencers

The rising stars, rapidly increasing their reach and identity with their creative content.

Macro Influencer

The social media influencers, recognized beyond the social network, works great for visibility and awareness.

Nano Influencer

Nano influencers are social media influencers with a regular job and lifestyle who have around 500 to 2k followers. Although little in number they have a genuine and trustworthy follower base.

Their followers usually comprise of friends, family members, coworkers, classmates, etc. which is why they can instantly instil trust and authenticity among them.

Nano influencers have a distinct share of authentic voice, compelling content, and higher engagement with their followers which can have a significant influence on their audience, making them a good fit for large enterprises to collaborate with Nano influencers.

Budding Influencer

Budding influencers are the rising stars of social media having around 2k to 10k followers.

They are the masters in finding creative ideas and engaging their humble circle of followers. Budding influencers grow their follower count with their consistency in content and commitment to deliver unique content to their audience.

The goal of every budding influencer is to increase their scope by collaborating with brands and fiercely expand their reach to other social media networks.

Micro Influencers

Micro-influencers are those individuals having around 10k or more followers on any one of the social media networks.

Micro-influencers are quite versatile, they can be a food blogger, lifestyle blogger, a fashionista or simply a photographer. They are all well-informed specialists in their specific niche and appeal to a particular kind of audience.

With micro-influencers it’s never about the numbers, it’s about delivering creative, unique, and high-quality content, having them on board can help the brands in achieving their influencer marketing goals.

Macro Influencer

Macro-influencers are the people with a following of over 100k on any one of the social media networks.

They are considered social celebrities and are recognized beyond the walls of social media. Macro influences are known for promoting products in a natural way.

They enjoy the benefit of having thousands of followers, giving them an edge to reach millions of people through their posts with a decent engagement rate.

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Why work With Us?

Campaign Liquidity

Plethora of campaigns to choose from on our Platform and we help you find the perfect one without hassel.

Secure Payments

Kofluence wallet helps you manage and process your payments with ease and via a secured channel.

Customized Insights

Measure your campaign's performance in real-time based on KPIs such as impressions, mentions and influencers talking about your brand.

Data Security

We know sharing is caring but not when it comes to your data! Your data is safe with us and we intend to keep it that way.

User Experience

We invite you to be a part of our top notch interface and customer service and immerse yourself in Kofluence experience.

Personalized Assistance

We’ll be with you at every step of the process. Kofluence team is here to help you with any guidance you might need.

Campaign Liquidity

It gets hard to choose from a lot of options. At Kofluence, you will always have ample campaigns serving all niches. Campaigns promoting apparel, food, fitness supplements, etc. at different locations available for different categories of influencers. Select a campaign by carefully vetting the campaign brief, understanding the scope of the campaign and the steps required to execute it. Select the one you enjoy collaborating with or let us help you find the most suitable campaign for you by relating your style, content type, and other various factors.

Secure Payments

We respect your hard work and believe that it has to be paid off instantly. To avoid the hassle of looking at multiple apps and payment gateways, we have integrated a wallet in our app, so that you get all your payments under a single roof. The payments page is designed to make it easier for you to manage and track all your earnings through the Kofluence app. At the end of every campaign, you’ll be provided with a detailed invoice with a price breakdown of every individual content you created for that particular campaign.

Customized Insights

Numbers can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. As an influencer, you need to understand what strategy is working, which posts are doing great and other crucial metrics to make your content stand out from the rest. It’s time to be smarter with Kofluence. Save the trouble of looking at different apps, tools, and metrics and enjoy the simplistic view of analytics. Our powerful algorithm combines all your data and provides customized insights on all your posts across different platforms so you don’t have to swipe across multiple social media networks to track the metrics that won’t matter to you.

Data Security

At Kofluence, we believe that there must not be any compromises on the influencers info and their social media handles. We respect your privacy and it’s our responsibility to be transparent about the data we collect. Kofluence uses the highest degree of encryption to avoid any sort of data breach and privacy and never collects data without your consent. We promise to obtain permissions only for the factors that are required to utilize and enjoy the complete functionality of our offerings. So stop dreading security and let us worry about it while you enjoy our services.

User Experience

Experience a rich and interactive interface. It’s designed with influencers in mind. The smooth flow of the Kofluence app helps influencers navigate through different pages seamlessly. The simple UI provides access to the information required regarding a campaign and the signages in the app have guided influencers in increasing efficiency while collaborating with brands. The Kofluence app is made available in 7 different languages to serve people from all across India. The user interface of the Kofluence app is regularly updated to make it aesthetically pleasing and to match the needs of the users without any fuss or bother.

Personalized Assistance

Help and Support are just one tap away. Email, Text, Call, or WhatsApp, we’ve got them all. We at Kofluence, are striving to make it easier for the influencers to collaborate with brands effortlessly by providing them the necessary support at every stage of the collaboration and helping them leverage their audience in promoting their content in an adequate way. Any concerns of influencers or queries regarding the ongoing or upcoming campaigns are treated with the highest priority. If you’ve hit a roadblock at any process, just ping us and we’ll put all our efforts in helping you deliver the content.

Words Don’t Lie

This is a great app for all Influencers to get quality and timed collaborations. Also, the payments are quite smooth. Now, we don’t have to run behind brands for collaborations or payments!

Aishwarya R

A hassle-free user interface, transparent and timely payment. It is very easy to find the campaign updates via SMS notification. The team explains the guidelines on phone once confirmed. Payment is always on time!

Hema Gayatri

The best influencer marketing application. This app provides numerous collaborations and the payment always comes on time. The app interface is also pretty good.

Amar Sirohi

One of the best app for bloggers and influencers. I must say it's a great app for upcoming influencers. Get superb paid campaigns with big brands. I had a good experience working with them.

Sumita Kapoor

A wonderful experience of mine working with them. They are really good at their work. Definitely recommend this app and this company.

Parth Tandon

Got More Questions?

How can I be a successful social media creator?

You can be a successful social media creator by having a good follower base to make sure you have a good engagement and reach by creating a specific category of content

How can I be a part of Brand collaborations in Kofluence?

Download the Kofluence app on the store and apply to your favorite campaign on the app. After carefully going through all the profiles, you will be shortlisted if your profile matches the campaign requirement

Will i get help from Kofluence about campaign updates?

Once your profile is shortlisted, you will be notified about all the details and processes via our carefully curated messaging process. If you still have further queries, we are always available on call

How frequently will I collaborate with brands on Kofluence?

You will be collaborating with multiple brands on the Kofluence platform for multiple campaigns based on the brand marketing campaign scale and criteria expected

How will my compensation money get credited to me?

You can withdraw the money into your accounts from your Kofluence wallet once the compensation is credited. In certain situations, partial compensations are processed

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