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     We Are Kofluence

Kofluence is one of India’s biggest Ad tech Influencer Marketing platforms that connects brands with inspiring content creators.

With our data driven approach and AI-led proprietary platform,we deliver streamlined influencer management. Sit back and relax while we take care of outreach, campaign creative development, influencer engagement, content approvals, payments, reporting and everything in between.

You can automate & optimise your influencer marketing campaigns at scale in a jiffy with Kofluence.

Ad tech Influencer Marketing platform in India

We Are Kofluence

Kofluence is an Ad-tech Influencer Marketing platform that connects brands with the most inspiring content creators. We are a one-stop platform who wants to democratize influencer marketing and simplify the process using our products and services every step of the way.

Our Mission and Vision

We as a company draw attention to the Democratisation of influencer marketing. Our aim is to create a platform where exciting brands and inspiring creators come together to create authentic content. With a blinkered focus on UGC and a wide domain of various brands, our objective is to get the audiences to engage with the brands through their favorite social media influencers. We concoct dynamic campaigns through carefully planned out targeting strategies, enabling us to expand our reach extensively while still delivering impactful social media marketing campaigns.

With the goal of being the most loved ad tech platform, we aim to empower brands and social media content creators in a more holistic way with our technology-driven solutions to create impactful and meaningful marketing campaigns.

Our Story

It all started in Europe where the wave of influencer marketing was rising and we felt the need to bring it back home. We realized the potential of influencer marketing and how disorganized the industry was.

This accelerated our path to Kofluence, where we decided to democratize influencer marketing to both Creators and Brands and connect them to benefit the market. Slowly down the path, a bunch of youngsters joined the team bringing in their creativity and the excitement in the air to our experience. We started building a data-oriented platform to minimize errors and to nurture the relationship between brands and creators. We now have a platform that is easy to experience and interact with, with a huge database of creators and campaigns. We also help the Brands tailor-make their campaigns and suggest content creators based on their requirements.

The world is your playground and Kofluence is here to provide a stage to showcase your creativity. So the next time you think Influence, think Kofluence.

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