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Discover the power of influencer marketing this Diwali with Kofluence’s expert guidance and innovative strategies.

Influencer Marketing For Diwali Festival

Here are some campaign ideas for brands looking to set new trends this festive season to drive audience via influencers!


A GRWM episode with a festive twist! Let your influencers tell their audience about how creative they can get with their traditional looks! Get Ready With Me (GRWM) is a trend where an audience sees how creative influencers can be with their choice of clothing for Diwali. Add a festive twist to it by choosing a traditional dress! This campaign can help your brand show the various clothing styles you have to offer for this auspicious occasion!


Influencers can visit your store and have a festive shopping frenzy! Invite your influencer to your store and let them choose the best clothing options and experiment! Allow them to create the best outfits that fuse traditional patterns with modern styles for your customers to follow! You can showcase your variety of traditional clothes for the festive season, the vibe of your store and the friendly and helping nature of your staff!


Influencers create a compelling storyline where they go around the town searching for the most delicious sweets and savouries. After a far and wide search, they conclude by crowning your store as the best with visually appealing shots of your product being savoured and tempt their audiences to go try it. Building this trust invokes curiosity, which will direct all the traction to your brand!


This Diwali, show the power of gifting with influencers! Here, an influencer can perform a random act of kindness by gifting sweets to people you would like to talk to more often! Get into the psyche of your audience by showing them the joy of gifting! There is nothing sweeter than gifting your friends and family their favorite sweets, so let your audience know this through your influencers!

Why Kofluence?

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Full Stack

Connect all of your marketing tools and platforms to streamline your workflow and optimize your campaigns with our full stack integration solution.

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500K Creator

Experience the power of 10X better reach by tapping into our extensive network of over 500,000 creators

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Enabling effective creator discovery with our ML focused search based on creator persona, content quality, affinity, audience demography & more

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Drive real results with targeted campaigns by leveraging Kofluence’s Proprietory AI/ ML models

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Automated data
driven decisions

Embrace automated data driven decision making based on actionable insights for more optimised campaigns

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Proprietary Risk &
Fraud Detection

With industry best practices for data privacy, fraud protection & risk management, we are your trusted allies and performance accelerators.

Mega Influencers you can collaborate with to make these campaigns come to life!

Amulya Rattan 1
Amulya Rattan

Followers: 4.9M
Avg. views: 900K

Neel Salekar 1
Neel Salekar

Followers: 2.8M
Avg. views: 700K

Oviya Darnal
Oviya Darnal

Followers: 907K
Avg. views: 400K

kaushal Agrawal
Kaushal Aggarwal

Co-Founder and CEO
Avendus Finance


Influencer Marketing For Diwali Campaigns | IMC

Unlock the Power of Social Influence During the Festive Season!
IMC Diwali

Step into influencer marketing for ROI-driven methods to harness the potential of UGC.

An influencer marketing campaign’s objective is to use the influencer’s authority and social proof to connect with a wider, more interested audience and eventually spur sales or other desired results. The Kofluence Brands App will take care of everything from concept to implementation.

Your Diwali campaign may be completely under your control, including influencer selection, content development, and distribution, ensuring that it properly fits the festive theme.

Here's how our Influencer Marketing Campaigns work



Brief us on your brand and product

Let us know about the brand’s products and services offered along with goals, guidelines, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your festive campaign.


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Find the right Influencers

Remove the hassle of going through various profiles to find the best influencer for your Diwali campaign. Let our AI-powered platform do it for you!


Campaign Ideation

Through data-driven strategizing, we can create captivating ideas for your Diwali campaigns that truly deliver and are in line with your Brand’s objectives!



See the results for yourself

With the help of our app's Report section, you can easily track and evaluate the effectiveness of your Diwali campaign. Keep track of your campaign’s reach and conversions.


Performance Marketing Campaigns with a Festive Twist | PMC

Pay for Performance that’s Transparent, Reliable and Real
PMC Diwali

In the clutter of endless campaigns by countless brands, you can make an impactful mark on your audience this Diwali.

With our influencer-led campaigns, you can make the best out of the festive season frenzy.

Make measured investments in your campaigns with Kofluence’s ROI-driven PMC strategy that calculates payment through actions, whether it’s clicks, registrations, or installs. It’s time to achieve real results with complete transparency.

Here's how our Performance Marketing Campaigns work


Festive Audience Identification

Prioritize understanding your target market, especially during the festive season like Diwali. Select influencers whose style resonates with devotees and potential customers, aligning seamlessly with your company and product offerings.


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Creator Discovery

Use the Creator Discovery feature in our Brand's App to narrow down the influencers that are most suited for your festive campaign. We take into account elements like audience demographics, relevancy, and engagement levels.



Festive Campaign Planning

You may submit a brief that is specially crafted for the holiday season using our campaign manager on the Brand's app. Share knowledge about your campaign's objectives, rules, and KPIs, as well as its products or services.


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Campaign Execution

Handpick influential partners to spearhead your vibrant festive campaign. Watch as they eagerly execute their tasks, crafting captivating content that embodies the festive spirit which you can review and approve.


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Results Measurement

Get detailed insights into the performance of your festive campaign in the Reports section of the Brand's App. Harness the power of data to supercharge your festive marketing strategies for future campaigns.


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Influencer Payments

Compensate your influencers based on the specific actions they trigger – clicks, sales, or leads. A winning formula for brands seeking results-driven and action-oriented festive campaigns.


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9/10 marketers are utilising influencer marketing to tap into the festivities!

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Start Up

Building brand authenticity in a startup can be challenging, but influencer marketing can be an effective tool to help achieve this goal. Partnering with influencers who have a large following can help small businesses increase their brand visibility.
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Influencer promotion of BFSI products and services can help BFSI companies generate leads through social media. Influencers have a strong influence on their followers, who are often interested in the products and services they endorse.
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Social media influencers can help luxury brands increase engagement with their target audience through two-way communication and customer feedback and spread their brand message in an authentic way.
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Gaming Influencers | Influencer Marketing For Games

Gaming brands can use influencer-generated content on their social media campaigns to reach a wider audience and build trust with potential customers. This content could include influencer reviews, gameplay videos, and social media posts.
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Influencers often have a specific niche or focus, such as car enthusiasts or gearheads, which makes it easy for automotive brands to increase the chances of conversions and sales, as the audience is already interested in the topic.
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Real Estate

Even the best real estate projects cannot make sufficient sales without a solid marketing strategy. Collaborating with influencers on social media platforms, whose opinions can influence your target audience, make word-of-mouth marketing easier.
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With something as critical as health, credibility plays the bigger game. Influencers, who have earned their audiences’ trust, come across as more trustworthy than even the most polished messaging from healthcare brands.
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Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for D2C brands to reach their target audience and increase their return on investment (ROI) by collaborating with influencers who create engaging content for the audience.
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Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the Fintech industry because it brings trust and authenticity to the marketing campaign. This is especially important when it comes to convincing people to invest their hard-earned money in a new Fintech application.