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Wish To Create
A Campaign?

Catapult your influencer marketing campaigns with handpicked content creators for your brand to reach it’s right audience.

To connect with us and try out our product

Wish To Create
A Campaign?

Catapult your influencer marketing campaigns with handpicked content creators for your brand to reach it’s right audience.

To connect with us and try out our product

Why Influencer Marketing?

Authentic Endorsement

Get key influencers to understand your story before endorsing the product in their unique way

Measurable Results

Run strategic collaborations with a pragmatic approach to optimise the results of every campaign

Relevant Audience

Capture untapped markets with targeted audience selection based on the relevancy of the campaign

Versatile Content

Streamline content distribution to maximize awareness across platforms and gain the desired traction

Authentic Endorsement

Authentic endorsements of a product or service have proven to be a beneficial influencer marketing tool. In the saturated world of influencers, it’s extremely important for a brand to project reliability and authenticity.
Having suitable social influencers working for your campaign can help you communicate your offerings by your brand’s scope and credibility.
When working with influencers, brands must be transparent in describing their offerings, mission statement, and their objectives – for influencers to understand the brand thoroughly and to tailor their content that is best suited for the brand and its offerings, which in turn, bridges the gap between what is being offered and what the customer perceives.

Measurable Results

We understand that certain information is difficult to quantify, therefore with the help of artificial intelligence we provide real-time results to measure the essential KPIs that hold importance for your business in order to make the necessary decision to improve the campaign performance.
At the end of every campaign, through our insights page, you’ll get access to our valuable metrics that can be used to assess your efforts.
You also get to analyze, measure and evaluate the performance of every individual influencer who has contributed to the campaign’s success, and ultimately, it helps you develop a blueprint to strategize your future social media influencer marketing plans.

Relevant Audience

Targeting the right audience is a major component of any influencer marketing campaign. It lays a foundation for all factors of your marketing strategy, from how you develop and name your campaign right through to the social media channels you use to promote them.
Optimize your influencer marketing strategy by making the most of the content curated by the influencers to target the audience that can drive action to your business by finding the perfect influencers who can improve the brand’s campaign efficiency and with a high range of influencers liquidity, we can help you connect with the influencer who’s willing to collaborate and help you attain your objectives.

Versatile Content

There’s a highly positive correlation between social media influencers and the kind of content they produce. It’s one of the aspects that essentially keeps us entertained on various social media.
The unique value of every social media influencer is the ability to deliver creative content that compels its audience to take a certain action and being dynamic in nature is an added advantage to any influencer.
Our diverse range of influencers specializes in versatility and possesses several special powers in influencing people through their content charm. They are incredibly talented and flexible to blend into various fictional characters to bring their creative side to the table.

Why work With Us?

Targetted Collaborations

Get data on profile performance and their audience demographics with our tool and quality for targeted collabs.

Data-driven Insights

Our Analysis tool goes beyond vanity metrics. Use this data to make better decisions and maximize your ROI.

Real-Time Reports

Our dedicated dashboard provides real-time reports into eng levels, enabling you to track the campaign progress.

Workflow Tools

Streamline the process of managing influencers at scale. Outreach, audience insights, content approvals and more.

Flexible Pricing

Build flexible, fully-customizable compensation packages designed to attract the most relevant influencers.

Influencer Liquidity

Get access to 50,000+ pan-India Influencer profiles with cumulative reach of 1 Bn+.

Targetted Collaborations

Scouting influencers from a massive endless database is a hassle. Skip the process and discover a large social media influencers list for all your suitable needs and wants on a single platform.

It’s smart to work along Kofluence which is loaded with information about the industry, who can help you with their powerful algorithm in connecting the best of the social media influencers around the world. Finding the relevant influencers has never been easier.

As a brand, you get to choose from a social media influencers list based on their interests, demographics, audience size, and other stats that concern your marketing goal.

Data-driven Insights

Be a campaign master and take full charge of your campaigns. Curate a perfect view of the campaign by defining every minute detail.

Starting from uploading your campaign brief, setting guidelines manually, sharing your brand story, and fine-tuning your campaigns effortlessly. Manage thousands of influencers on board and navigate them in the right direction by vetting their content before it goes live.

At Kofluence, you get a thorough range of tools to assist you with the campaign performance and complete flexibility in monitoring your campaign progress and reviewing the content posted by influencers.

Real-Time Reports

At Kofluence, we understand that price is the most important piece of a marketing framework. Set the right price and you can attract the relevant influencers to opt for your campaign, enhance your overall influencer marketing strategy, reap the benefits of higher ROI and enjoy all the services provided by Kofluence.

You are ensured to get a bang for your bucks for the campaign you create and the influencers you work with who suit your standards and business needs.

If you are planning a highly lucrative influencer marketing campaign within a budget then Kofluence is the right influencer marketing platform to be on.

Workflow Tools

As influencer marketing is growing with a multitude of influencers online, authenticity and credibility are turning to be the most critical traits for every brand. Kofluence identifies, analyzes, and eliminates all the unethical social media activities to keep the data authentic.

It is powered by a super-powerful AI technology that can display in- depth analysis of the quality of the influencers, the number of fake followers, unauthentic reach metrics, and bogus influencers.

Along with these vital components, plagiarism checks, content sampling, copyright protection, and periodic audits are the added tools that could make influencer marketing transparent and fair.

Flexible Pricing

Kofluence is on an endless journey of untangling the complications concerning influencer marketing – making it easier and faster to understand.

Kofluence assures a seamless experience in your entire campaign process by understanding all the aspects of your business and providing the necessary tools to collaborate effectively with influencers working with you.

Essentially, boosting your campaign experience by tracking your requirements and helping you streamline the process right from campaign creation to post-campaign performance insights, packed under one influencer marketing platform giving you a great deal of efficiency and speed without any delay.

Influencer Liquidity

Kofluence uses deep analytics to analyze, gather, and store a large amount of data in a way that is beneficial and acceptable to the users.

With our in-depth identification, you can identify the influencers performing the best, assess the campaign performance using metrics such as audience demographics, engagement rate, campaign reach, etc, and can compare the performance of your previous campaigns with the current campaign to make the necessary decisions.

Our ultimate approach is to make analytics more accessible for you to be able to analyze and tweak the strategies until it performs at its peak.

Kofluence Keys

  • Influencer Discovery

  • Campaign Creation

  • Infuencer Filtering

  • Deep Analytics

Discover Influencers on our Database

Find the most relevant influencers based on your campaign needs and brand requirements by searching through our massive database of creators. Our AI driven tools suggest the best suited influencers for you.


Influencer Discovery

Create customized campaigns

Brands can use our user friendly interface and create campaigns about the products or services that they offer, with a wide range of suggestions given by our system and tailor make them to your needs.

Campaign Creation

Filter the most relevant creators

Filter through the massive creators who are interested in engaging with your brand and work with the best of the creators to achieve a massive reach.

Infuencer Filtering

Get the BI dashboard for the campaign

Get a detailed ROI insights for your campaign in real-time using our BI dashboard which is ready to be presented to your team. You can also customize the dashboard to your necessities.

Deep Analytics

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Words Don’t Lie

Kofluence is a game-changer. It’s easy to use, customizable, reliable, and the best part- they have a very fast TAT. The amount of time saved and the efficiency gained has been enormous. We use Kofluence to develop our influencer marketing plans and strategies.

Kofluence is my team’s go-to platform for every influencer marketing needs. We’ve seen authentic reach from multiple Micro and Nano influencers through our weekly YouTube campaigns. We were amazed by the unique content creation capabilities of the influencers on the platform. Way to go guys!

Kofluence introduced us to influencer marketing and we are glad that happened! It’s so simple to analyze trends and campaign performances. Great for spotting relevant influencers and get detailed analytics on every campaign. It’s a wonderful platform, keep up the good work!

Kofluence understood exactly what we needed and achieved just that. Their team of influencers are very hardworking and we were surprised by the capabilities of the creators and the liquidity across social platforms.

I’m surprised by the capabilities of creators found via Kofluence. My team loves their personal touch, prompt responses, and the creative content created by their influencers. I would recommend Kofluence to everyone who wants to give influencer marketing a spin.

Got More Questions?

In which social media platform do we have to conduct our campaign?

Depending on the Campaign KPI and the Creator category, our system will recommend the perfect social media accordingly

How do we choose the right category of creators for our campaigns?

There is no one right category of creators. Each campaign needs its own and we will suggest helping you tailor your own category

How do we know the pricing for each content by the creators are justified?

Kofluence works on proposing a justified price for both the creators and brands depending on the deliverables and the campaign budget

How do we make sure that the content created doesn't look like a promotion?

We allow the creators to have their creative freedom in the process of creation while making sure that they are incorporating the respective brand guidelines

What is the process in the selection who are collaboarting?

Creator selection is a two-tier process where Both Kofluence and the brands work together in filtering the creators according to the campaign requirements

How is the content screened for quality and guidelines of the Brands?

The content by the creators are screened through our interface by our creative team and then sent to the Brands for approval, thus ensuring a high-quality content

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