Cake, Cookies, and Collaborations: Christmas Campaigns by Influencers

Christmas Campaigns by Influencer Collaborations 2023


Table of contents:

Festive Unboxing with Influencers
Advent Calendar Countdown
Holiday Recipe Exchanges
DIY Holiday Crafts and Hacks



Christmas is here, and so is the opportunity to make the best of influencer marketing for Christmas campaigns! This is when brands must find the opportunity to promote themselves, spread Christmas joy, and resonate with the festivities through influencer marketing for Christmas campaigns.


Influencers, too, are locked and loaded with unique Christmas content ideas that their audience will relate to! The collaborations have already begun, and brands have blocked their dates with influencers to create the best Christmas content to make their products stand out! And if you’re just starting, we have some great Christmas campaigns by influencers and brands they can use!


Festive Unboxing with Influencers

Gifting is synonymous with Christmas. When we think of Christmas, one of the first images that pops up is of beautifully wrapped gifts under a Christmas tree. The excitement one feels while visualizing this can be replicated in unboxing videos where influencers unveil new products and show their audience an exclusive first-hand experience of opening exciting products.


Influencers known to celebrate Christmas can collaborate with brands looking to promote themselves during the festive season and make enthralling reveals of new products wrapped in red to add a festive touch.


The products must be aligned with Christmas campaigns by influencers, too. For brands that release limited edition products only during festivity, unboxing videos are a simple yet effective way to reveal new product changes. It highlights the specialty of the products promoted, keeping them a class apart from the other products.


It helps add more focus and makes the products stand out. Another advantage of unboxing videos is the explanation that influencers provide while unboxing. Brands must collaborate with the right influencers who know the product and the industry that the brand works under so that their explanation about the products can be more insightful.


Not just explanations but influencers can utilize the power of storytelling to make their promotion more compelling and relatable. Brands can help influencers in this process by letting them know their target audience, what should be the end goal of the campaign, and what impression would they like the influencers’ audiences to have about the product.


Based on this, the influencer can begin with their storytelling by starting with a need or want that was unfulfilled, after which they begin to research products that could help them. After a long search, they found the brand they were promoting and bought a product. The influencer can now vouch for the product as they have used it and end with a call to action for their audience to try it.


Advent Calendar Countdown

The 12 Days of Christmas plays a significant role as the days that lead up to Christmas Day. this is where brands can take inspiration for Christmas campaigns by influencers from this advent traditional calendar and showcase their various products to the influencers’ audiences. For example, a clothing brand can team up with an influencer to flaunt a different style of clothing each day for the twelve days that lead to Christmas.


They can also include a new discount or offer for each day, adding unique themes that spark the audience’s interest. This daily engagement and anticipation is beneficial for brands as it makes the audience remember them more. It is also suitable for influencers as it can lead to more viewership and following.


With these Christmas campaigns by influencers implemented, audiences will start to see the brand extravagantly celebrating every day. It makes customers more curious and eager for the special offers awaiting them the next day.


Brands can surprise consumers with the help of influencers, which also promotes gift-giving that is well-celebrated during Christmas. The daily reveals create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, prompting followers to act promptly to avail themselves of the limited-time offers or access the exclusive content.


To maximize the impact, ensure that influencers align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience. Their authenticity is crucial in establishing a genuine connection with followers, fostering trust that extends to the products or services being promoted.


Encourage influencers to incorporate storytelling into their daily reveals, creating a cohesive narrative that ties back to the essence of your brand and the holiday spirit. Whether showcasing popular products, highlighting unique features, or sharing heartwarming anecdotes, each influencer contributes to building a festive and memorable experience for your audience.


Holiday Recipe Exchanges

This section is dedicated to food brands and food-loving influencers! The delicacies made during Christmas are something everyone looks forward to. Cakes, custard, and roast chicken are a few food items prepared during this holiday season, and consumers are always looking to try something new while sticking to their traditional food choices.


This is why they look for recipe ideas that have never been tried before and are easy to make. This is where brands step in by incorporating their products into Christmas confectionaries with the help of influencers who will provide new recipes for Christmas campaigns by influencers.


The Holiday Recipe Exchange is more than just a showcase of recipes; it’s a communal experience that encourages audience participation. Invite influencers to challenge their followers to recreate the showcased recipes, share their culinary creations, or suggest modifications. Creating a branded hashtag for the campaign encourages users to join the conversation and share their kitchen adventures.


The authenticity of influencers’ personal experiences in the kitchen resonates with audiences, making the campaign relatable and trustworthy. The influencers become not just endorsers of your products but culinary companions, guiding followers through the joy of holiday cooking. This engagement helps to forge a deeper connection between your brand and the audience.


DIY Holiday Crafts and Hacks

DIY holiday crafts and hacks are a very effective way to make relatable and valuable content for audiences. People always want to decorate their homes best for the festive season by using what they have. They are willing to go the extra mile to find homemade solutions to decorate during Christmas.


Influencer marketing for Christmas campaigns is commonly used for this reason, as influencers pose themselves to have the same problems as their audiences do, and this relatability helps make engaging content for Christmas campaigns by influencers. 


Making DIY crafts for Christmas can be a family activity, where they come together to make the best decorations for home and waste materials. For example, instead of buying more miniature decorations for a Christmas tree, influencers can provide ideas such as Christmas campaigns by influencers for making them at home or by providing a cheaper alternative.


Toy drums can be made with paper, animal decorations can include familial ties to them and other decorations can be creatively personalized. Encourage influencers to leverage their storytelling skills to narrate the thought process behind each craft, sharing anecdotes or personal touches that make the projects even more charming. 



In conclusion, well-crafted Christmas campaigns by influencers can transform the holiday season into a festive success for your brand. Leveraging the creativity and authenticity of influencers brings your products to life, engaging audiences in memorable ways.


Whether through unboxing experiences, charitable collaborations, or virtual events, these ideas forge emotional connections and elevate brand visibility during this joyful time of year. Embrace the spirit of giving, weave resonated narratives, and let influencers sprinkle their magic to make your Christmas campaign shine. Cheers to a season of spirited marketing and merry celebrations!


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