From Announcement to Sale: The Journey of influencer marketing for product launch

From Announcement to Sale The Journey of influencer marketing for product launch
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Table of contents:

What is influencer marketing for product launches?
Why you should consider influencers for your next product launch
How to Power Your Next Product Launch With Influencer Marketing?
How do brands or businesses involve influencers in the product launch campaign strategy?
How Kofluence has Facilitated Product Launches by Top Brands Through Influencer Marketing


What is influencer marketing for product launches?

Product launches are an integral part of a brand that is looking to spread its wings with innovative solutions that come in the form of its products. They wish to launch it with a bang, creating big waves as much as possible while marketing. The main expectation of a product launch is that it should gather as much attention as possible. In this digital age, influencer marketing is the most apt way to facilitate the same.


The biggest power of influencer marketing for product launches is the influencers’ personal touch that is used. This personal touch directly impacts the thought process of the audience, leading to them affirmatively remembering the product and its launch scale. Au contraire, a traditional form of marketing does not create the same impact, and people exposed to this form of marketing tend to forget about the product easily, as they see it as just another event and nothing more.


Influencer marketing for product launch receive a lot of reviews and feedback which can help the brand. These reviews and reactions are in the form of likes, comments, shares and other social media-related metrics. These are very helpful as they provide instant knowledge of how the campaign has performed.


However, effective influencer marketing for product launches requires careful planning and alignment. Brands must choose influencers whose values and aesthetics align with their own. Authenticity is crucial; audiences can easily spot insincere endorsements, which could harm both the influencer’s credibility and the brand’s reputation.


Why you should consider influencers for your next product launch

The ways of modern marketing change constantly, and currently the ball lies in the court of influencer marketing. Any form of marketing can be performed with influencer marketing and most goals can be achieved. Catering to many sizes of audiences, influencer marketing for product launches promises a long-lasting impact on their audience. A product launch can be incorporated into influencer marketing for these reasons:


Expanded Reach and Exposure: 

Different influencers have their styles that attract specific audiences who have distinct interests and preferences. This can be beneficial, during influencer marketing for product launches because if the product aligns with the interests of that audience it will leave a lasting impression, on them. This kind of impact cannot be achieved through marketing methods.


Enhanced Credibility and Trust: 

In the eyes of their followers, influencers are seen as trusted advisors. Their recommendations carry an air of authenticity and reliability which fosters a sense of trust compared to advertising methods. When you align your product with influencers you leverage their credibility. Extend that trust to your brand.


Targeted Audience Engagement: 

Influencers frequently focus on niches. Target particular demographics. By doing they ensure that your product is exposed to individuals who’re highly likely to have an interest, in it. This results in increased levels of engagement as the influencers’ followers already possess an interest, in the kind of products you provide.


Authentic Storytelling: 

Influencers want to make sure that their content that involves brand endorsements is subtly integrated. For example, if a food influencer wants to promote a frozen-food brand in one of their content, they will integrate it in such a way that it provides a solution to a relatable problem, like the difficulty in storing fresh food and ingredients.


Creative and Diverse Content: 

Influencers always keep in mind to showcase their social media page in a creative, authentic and entertaining manner. They strive to make an identity of their own by proving that their content is artistically different from others. They make use of various types of visual formats that help in keeping their page attractive and interesting.


Immediate Feedback Loop: 

Traditional marketing plays a blind game when it comes to figuring out whether the people watching like their campaign and have been impacted by it. Most of the time, they have not. However, with influencer marketing for product launches, brands can constantly be updated with the performance of their campaign with the help of likes, shares, comments, etc.


Cost-Effective Marketing: 

When we look at an advertisement on traditional forms of media (say television ads), we can immediately see that it would have been a very expensive campaign. This is why influencer marketing for product launches is preferred nowadays. It has a better impact on the audience, has high capabilities of reach and is much cheaper than traditional advertising.


Innovative Promotion Techniques: 

Influencers must always be on their feet as the trends and interests of users of social media are ever-changing. Something that went viral a week ago would be forgotten now. Therefore, influencers make sure that the products they promote are in line with current trends for better reach. This innovation facilitates influencer marketing for product launches.


Measurable Impact: 

The performance of an influencer marketing campaign can be found qualitatively, quantitatively, and instantaneously. With this, marketers can analyze where they went wrong, and the number of people it has impacted and start formulating ways to better the campaign.


How to Power Your Next Product Launch With Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing for product launches harnesses the power of social media and provides opportunities that no other marketing strategy can provide. Therefore, to get the best out of your product launch, you should do the following:


Define Your Objectives: 

Brands must first understand what they would like to get out of their influencer marketing for product launches. Product launches aim for a massive reach in order to create hype, so objectives have to be noted accordingly. It must be made sure that the brand’s product launch becomes the talk of the town with their campaign.


Identify Relevant Influencers: 

The product that is to be launched must be promoted by influencers who find the same to be their forte while performing influencer marketing for product launches. For example, many tech influencers are amazing at creating hype when a new product is launched because they find that work to be their cup of tea.


Establish Clear Messaging: 

The authenticity of the influencer during influencer marketing for a product launch must go hand-in-hand with the core messaging of the product launch. During product launches, information about the product is essential, along with content that creates hype and attracts the audience. There must be a balance between what an influencer likes doing and what the brand wants them to do for the product launch.


Build Relationships: 

It is wrong for brands to use influencers as mere mouthpieces for their product launches. Brands want influencers to work with them in perpetuity, and this will only happen when brands collaborate with influencers instead of just using them. Appreciating their work and efforts, respecting their content, and allowing them to follow their style helps in building relationships.


Craft a Creative Brief: 

The aims, objectives, and goals of the brand while utilizing influencer marketing for product launch must be communicated with the influencer. This helps them create content according to the brand’s requirements. Brands must also assist influencers in coming up with ideas.


Leverage Storytelling: 

When influencer marketing for product launches is combined with the storytelling skills of influencers, a new hype can be created that looks authentic and interesting. They need to explain how this new innovative product can solve issues they once had.


Choose the Right Platform: 

There are many ways to promote product launches, and these options can be explored with different social media sites. If you want an influencer to make a full-scale video about the entire product, YouTube can be preferable. On the other hand, if you want to keep the content crisp, short and not so elaborate, then Instagram can be the right option.


Engage With Audiences: 

The catch with newly launched products is that the audience of influencers is unaware of their features and capabilities. They will have a lot of questions which is good as it shows that it has sparked curiosity. Therefore, brands must be on their feet and communicate with them personally through Q&As and comments. This is how influencer marketing for product launches may tend to differ a bit from other influencer marketing techniques.


How do brands or businesses involve influencers in the product launch campaign strategy?


Pre-Launch: Building Anticipation

A movie usually has a trailer in order to create hype and excitement about the film that is to be released. They do not reveal much information about the film such as the plot and series of events, but they show the exciting parts of the film that will catch the audience’s eyes. This is what a brand must strive to achieve for the pre-launch. They must provide exciting reveals about the product that can be acted upon by the influencer during influencer marketing for product launch.


Launch Day: Amplifying the Message

Although influencers can also play a part in the pre-launch and post-launch processes, the main launch is where they must give their all. This is part of the campaign where all the information about the product is revealed and the audience gets to understand in-depth information about the product. This is why communication is essential, and this requires extensive content from influencers during influencer marketing for product launches who can utilize many forms of social media platforms for the promotion of the product launch.


Apart from posts, they must utilize other forms of viewership media such as live streams, Q&As on Instagram stories, and constant updates focusing on particular features of the product. All this requires dedication from the influencer and they must involve their personal touch and style to generate more interest from their audience.


Post-Launch: Sustaining Momentum

While the pre-launch speaks about the hype behind the product and the launch talks about the product itself, the post-launch stands for the true test of the product itself. This is where the influencer uses the newly launched product and uses it. While using it, the influencer must review the product and talk about how it has now been integrated into their daily life. As a whole, an influencer who is part of all three processes of the product launch must portray this as a story or series on their social media platform.


This implies continuity in the loyalty to the product, thereby improving trust among the audience. They must let the audience know that they have been using the product for a while and like it. This also includes answering their queries.


How Kofluence has Facilitated Product Launches by Top Brands Through Influencer Marketing

Kofluence has been the backbone of multiple large-scale campaigns and product launches from various top brands. 


Domino’s has been a long-time partner with Kofluence and we have accelerated many famous campaigns, one of them being the Kofluence-led #EveryDayValue49 campaign involving Instagram influencers got 10.44 million impressions in a short time. With a reach of 9.39 million, the campaign had a 619.2 K engagement on creator content and a 6.60% engagement rate as of reach. 460 content pieces went live in under a month’s time and the campaign proved to have a massive reach.


On another campaign with Domino’s, Kofluence achieved the impossible by executing Domino’s regional campaign in record time, despite facing unique challenges such as identifying niche-specific influencers with access to Jain audiences. Our team went above and beyond by coordinating with branch managers across the state to locate participating branches. In addition, we conducted a rigorous 10-step content quality check to ensure that every piece of content was top-notch.



A relatively novel marketing approach, influencer marketing has proved to be extremely effective and versatile as it can expand to promote any form of marketing need, and this comes along with product launches.


By using the trust that an audience has in the influencer they follow, the creative capabilities of the influencer, and their ability to sell, influencers can hype up a product and integrate themselves with any process of a product launch.


Audiences these days do not prefer watching top celebrities unveil a new product by pulling a satin cloth from the top of it. Instead, they now prefer a common person who they can relate, taking them through the entire process of the launch, which may also include waiting for it to reach their doorstep. This makes their content more personal, and by doing so audiences can remember it better. This is because it is not an announcement anymore, it is a journey that the audience would like to be part of.


Influencer marketing transcends industries. There is always an influencer for a particular genre or industry and there is nothing that a brand cannot find when it comes to influencer marketing due to its sheer vastness. That being said, brands must choose the right influencer for their product launch.


Usually, product launches require enthusiasm from an influencer who can hype up the right things with the required knowledge. In the end, this form of marketing can pull off what traditional forms of marketing can do and more. From start to finish, influencers can definitely be present and contribute to a product launch and this is why brands go back to them.


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