The Influencer Experience: Tips for a Bright Diwali Marketing Campaign

The Influencer Experience Tips for a Bright Diwali Marketing Campaign


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Planning Campaigns in Advance
Utilising the Diwali Creative Economy
Keeping up with Social Media Trends
Working with Kofluence for all your Influencer Marketing Needs



Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for celebrations and festivities and presents an enormous marketing opportunity for brands. With 30% of all retail sales linked to the holiday season, it’s no wonder that companies are pouring in their resources to create an outstanding marketing campaign during Diwali. So, why should you opt for influencer marketing this festive season?


According to Facebook’s Seasonal Marketing Guide, social media has become a hub for attracting holiday spending and promoting brand awareness. Half of the consumers surveyed said influencers significantly influenced their purchasing decisions. That’s a significant number! So, if you want to make a splash this Diwali, it’s time to leverage the power of influencers.


Planning Campaigns in Advance

In the consumer world, the hype for Diwali begins when brands start to reveal their offers and deals for their customers. The saying “The early bird gets the worm” stands especially true for brands trying to make the best of the festive season. Influencers tend to become busy months before Diwali itself, and this is because brands are being proactive by blocking their calendars way in advance.


The best way to stay ahead of the crowd is by being the first one in line. To stand out from the crowd and have a separate, recognizable voice from the noise, brands should start creating a broad plan for their Diwali marketing campaigns. 


Brands must understand that the more famous the influencer, the earlier their dates are booked. Influencers, in general, also prefer working with brands in advance as they will have more time to ideate concepts that fit well with the brand. Brands and influencers have expectations of their own, and they can find a middle ground once they can discuss their requirements and ideas.


This time-consuming process requires extensive communication and a detailed understanding of the campaign. Rushing through the process at the last minute will lead to confusion and a lack of proper communication, which is a no-go as festive campaigns are one of any brand’s most critical marketing efforts. It can also help brands explore various Diwali marketing campaign strategies and diversify their range of influencers, as they will have the time to approach more influencers and allocate more planned resources.


Utilizing the Diwali Creative Economy

In line with the strategy mentioned above, brands have to make sure that they can work with a wide range of influencers to get a broader and more personalized reach for a marketing campaign during Diwali. A brand selling a particular product or service can promote what it deals with various ideas and tell stories in different genres. This strategy helps as it enables the same product in different ways.


Therefore, brands must work with multiple influencers with various ideas and concepts to offer based on their audience for marketing campaigns. The audiences of influencers often have different tastes. They tend to be more niche with specific interests, which explains the similarities in the influencers they follow. But if the commodity they wish to use is one, brands must do their best to work with as many influencers as possible while maintaining quality.


The creative economy of Diwali marketing campaigns continues beyond creators. Influencers must also work with other creative elements of the Diwali festive that audiences can relate to and appreciate. A crucial aspect of this creative economy is cultural storytelling. Every festival has a significance and reason behind being celebrated, and brands utilizing influencer marketing must be aware of the same.


This can help generate relatable and unique concepts that influencers can promote. Diwali is celebrated with regional designs that vary across the country. To make a brand’s promotion more hard-hitting in influencer marketing, brands must be aware of these regional differences in designs and adhere to the same.


Relevance is key in the social media realm, especially for Diwali marketing campaigns. Reels following trends that are the talk of the town statistically earn more reach than any other type of content. These trends work as it is the type of content that most users of social media like and are introduced to on their feeds.


Although these trends are not initially meant for festive occasions, brands, when collaborating with influencers, can surely add a festive twist that can be relevant to the trends and the occasion. Trends may vary based on the genre of content, and brands must align themselves with these trends once they have figured out what kind of genre they wish to promote themselves in. For example, famous songs are usually used for dance reels and there are certain background songs that are used for certain occasions.


This is where the creativity of influencers comes into the picture. Being in the field, they will be well-versed in the upcoming trends that can be followed. Better yet, if a brand has managed to collaborate with a macro-influencer who has achieved some sort of celebrity status, trends and challenges can be made too! But the most feasible option for a short-term gig such as the Diwali marketing campaigns, micro-influencers are the most appropriate as they promise an adequate reach, know and can follow trends, and quote decent prices for their content that are often good quality. They can also provide ideas to incorporate famous trends with Diwali. 


Working with Kofluence for all your Influencer Marketing Needs

Marketers can feel the urgency and the necessity to act on their Diwali marketing campaigns as the festivities are getting closer. At first glance, this may sound like a reason to panic as influencers have already kept themselves busy for the festive season and are already working with top brands, satisfying their influencer marketing needs.


But Kofluence has our brands covered. With our 600k+ creator community and a 6 billion+ reach, our influencers promise quality content delivery for your Diwali marketing campaigns. This promise is backed up by the immense trust brands that work with us have, as Kofluence has worked with 400+ brands across 30 sectors.


As one reads this message, a brand has found the right influencer through our AI-powered brand’s app and has already started making top-notch content that has the potential to rock the festive season. Our actions speak louder than words. Here are some festive campaigns that took social media platforms by storm!


#Poorvika Diwali Campaign

The main objective of this campaign was to create brand awareness towards their Dasara and Diwali offers. The idea behind this campaign was to introduce the audience to the various festive offers that Poorvika had to provide during the festive timeline of Dasara and Diwali.


Diwali Case Study poorvika Diwali Case Study poorvika Diwali Case Study poorvika Diwali Case Study poorvika











The 33 influencers that were live garnered a sum total impression of 0.45M+ and 0.42M+ Reach

Overall, the campaign was able to garner an engagement rate of 15.7% and views of 0.43M+



In conclusion, a successful Diwali marketing campaign through influencer collaboration can be a beacon of success for your brand, illuminating the path to stronger audience engagement and business growth. By embracing the spirit of Diwali and implementing the tips discussed, you can create an authentic and impactful campaign.


The key lies in selecting influencers who authentically resonate with Diwali and your brand, fostering creativity in content that showcases your products, and engaging with user-generated content to build trust. Early planning is essential, offering a competitive edge and enabling adaptable strategies.


As your campaign takes flight, remember that it’s not just about sales but also about forging genuine connections with your audience during this festive season, leaving a memorable and meaningful imprint on your brand’s relationship with customers. Here’s to a luminous and prosperous Diwali marketing campaign this season!


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