Founded in 2018, Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an Esports Platform with 40 Million+ users and has been rapidly growing over the past two years. Kofluence was entrusted with the task of increasing MPL’s traction. The team was given the responsibility of increasing awareness of the MPL app in the niche communities and generate engaging conversations.

How The Campaign Unfolded?

Adopting the method of a multi-channel approach and onboarding content creators from various vernacular backgrounds, they were able to tap into a diverse audience. Engaging conversations were generated with eye-catching UGCs which were created by the talented influencers who were onboarded.

The Outcome

Leveraging the reach of the influencers and the added advantage of focusing only on one platform, the campaign was able to achieve amazing numbers.

MPL and Kofluence make the perfect team!

About The Author

Team Kofluence

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