Performance Marketing Campaigns: How to get started?

Performance Marketing Campaigns  How to get started

Did you know that historic campaign data reflects that marketers that promote their brands via performance-based influencer campaigns only end up shelling out for about 70% of the total acquired users? Given the cost benefits, brands are betting big on performance and so are creators. By leveraging this increasingly popular marketing model, content creators today are turning into content-preneurs by exploring uncapped monetization opportunities for themselves. How can you earn through performance-centric campaigns? What brands should you choose? How can you increase my earning potential?  We have got the answers to these burning questions and more in this definitive guide. Let’s start with the basics first. 


How does a performance marketing campaign work? 

1. At Kofluence, once you are opt-in for a performance-centric campaign, you will be provided with a unique URL tracker or a coupon code. 

2. All you have to do is repost, curate, or share your unique links or coupon codes as a part of a message on your different social media platforms

3. You earn a fixed payout with every conversion. For instance, say a user either clicks, installs, orders, etc. using the unique link provided to you, you can earn money for every such action your audience takes based on the campaign KPI. 


How do I select the right brand?

While there is going to be inevitable trial and error when you first start out, it’s important to minimize it at each stage as much as possible. Curating good content is always a major time investment but also one that reaps the most conversions. So, choose your brands carefully and work on good quality content for best results. 


To ensure that you pick the right collabs, please ensure that:


1. You select the brands you usually make content about or your audience is interested in based on their age, gender, location, and other demographics.

2. You understand the needs of the brand and choose where you want to publish its message, based on where you receive the most traction.


Where can I promote my link?

Choosing the right brand partners to promote is obviously crucial for your success. But so is choosing the right promotional strategies and link placements for higher reach. 


There are two major avenues you can take to promote your performance campaign links. 


Social media platforms: You can share your links on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Moj, Takatak and Twitter among others. You may repost the link directly or create an image/video review of the product or service and include your unique link in the post description for maximum engagement. Make sure to share useful information about the products or services you are promoting and explain why you recommend them.

Chatting apps: There are several chat apps that you can use to share your campaign links with others such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. Chat apps allow you to have one-on-one or group conversations, which allows for more personalization and tailoring of your message. You may also amplify your social media posts by sharing them with people in your circle through these apps.


Here are our top 10 Best Practices to keep in mind:

1. Optimize your traffic hot spots and post your content at the most engaging time. Consider posting during peak times when your audience is most likely to be online. For example, you might find that you get more engagement on Facebook during the evenings and on weekends.

2. Each social media platform has its own algorithm that determines when and how often content is shown to users. Pay attention to the algorithms of the platforms you are using and try to post when your content is most likely to be seen by your followers.

3. Remember to also consider the frequency of your posts and the overall content mix of your social media account. It is important to strike a balance between promoting your unique links and providing value to your audience through other types of content.

4. Use eye-catching visuals and trending music in your content to draw attention to your links so more people have the chance to view your content. You can also use trending hashtags, or # with a higher following so more people can view your content from the explore section. 

5. Include a clear call to action in your posts, such as “click the link to learn more” or “use this promo code to save.”

6. Engage with your audience by asking for their opinions, responding to comments, and encouraging them to share their own experiences with the products or services you are promoting.

7. Make sure you put the right thumbnail so people can identify your posts and find them easily. A blurry or pixelated thumbnail can make your content look unprofessional.

8. You can consider pinning your post for at least a month or so as pinning a post allows it to remain at the top of your profile or page, making it more visible to your followers, therefore giving it a longer shelf life.

9. Check the content message thoroughly to ensure that it clearly mentions what action the user needs to perform as per the predetermined campaign KPI (for eg. the CTA for registration KPI should be “Register now!”)

10. Push out your content with the link regularly so your performance can increase week on week. Most importantly, test different strategies and track your results to see what works best for your audience

Grow your online brand with Kofluence and become a performance accelerator with us today! 

If you’re seriously considering building your personal brand and expanding on your social reach as a content creator, it’s time to consider performance marketing seriously. Don’t know where to begin? Download the Kofluence app and find relevant campaigns catering to your target audience! 


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