Myths Of Digital Marketing

Myths of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing is a commonly heard phrase these days. With internet usage steadily increasing over the past few years a lot of brands have shifted their businesses online. In a growing domain like digital marketing, it is quite inevitable for a few myths to establish themselves in the minds of people. Such would influence the decision of adopting Myths Of Digital Marketing. In this blog, we will explain a few of those myths and why they are not true.


Myth: Email Marketing Is A Spam

It is a misbelief that email marketing is spam. Email marketing can fall into the same category as telemarketing services. Additionally, businesses prefer to use emails rather than any other channel for marketing. No business will ignore emails that are for legitimate sales purposes. However, for the email to be considered legitimate, it is important that the email is constructed properly before being sent. The emails shouldn’t have the same format which will be repeatedly used for every email that will be sent out. Personalization will influence a consumer to be more loyal to the brand.


Myth: Digital Marketing Means Targeting Every Social Media Platform

It must be remembered that different social media platforms have different demographics. For example, on Instagram, the majority audience is teens while on Facebook we can find a wider demographic of audiences. A brand must choose the social media platforms that are appropriate to its business. Also, the brand must ensure that it has maximum influence on the selected social media platform before moving on to another.


Myth: Digital Marketing gives Instant Results

Digital Marketing to date has proved to provide the best results in terms of marketing. However, digital marketing does not provide an instant result. It requires patience and consistency. Also, during a digital marketing campaign, it is important to track its progress to identify if the campaign is on the right path.


Myth: Only MNCs Need Digital Marketing

With technology becoming more affordable, small businesses too can boost their businesses digitally. Moreover, there have been many startups that have thrived on digital marketing. A distinctive and effective digital profile will influence potential buyers and is a strong selling tool.


Myth: Negative Comments Are Bad

Opening up a brand to the online world attracts a lot of naysayers. However, legitimate customer concerns should be addressed head-on as it is a great opportunity to showcase one’s customer service. Ensuring an internal follow-up can help maintain a strong relationship with consumers. Ultimately, it all depends on how the brand handles such situations. Nevertheless, if a brand has spent a considerable amount of time and money on its social media presence; the brand loyalists will come to defend the brand against the naysayers. Thus limiting the tarnish of the brand’s reputation.


Myth: Strategizing SEO Just Once Is Enough

Businesses often make the error of assuming that by allocating a certain budget for SEO in one quarter, the same can be repeated for the remaining quarters. The assumption that an SEO project is a one-time thing is inexact. SEO requires re-strategizing and retesting at regular intervals. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that these algorithms change all the time to keep up with which the SEO strategies should be updated from time to time.


Myth: Content Isn’t That Important

Many have assumed that once their social presence has been established, their work is over. However, in order to make the most of the digital marketing campaign, a brand must have relevant updated content on its social media platforms. Such content will not only help in ranking higher in search engines but also send a positive message to the target audience. Having engaging content will help build brand trust as well. Additionally, if the audience likes the content they will further share it with their friends and family thus creating brand awareness.



The above-mentioned are some myths about Myths Of Digital Marketing from a pool. Digital Marketing can help boost your brand if the right strategy is implemented.

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