What Are All The Influence Of Blogging?


Blogging is an interesting way to give a personality to a brand. Blogging makes a brand more approachable. There are many more advantages to blogging, especially in the field of business. In this blog, we will talk about why blogs should be published and what is the influence of blogging on the business of a brand.


Blogging Can Influence Purchase Decision

Blogs are considered to rank among the top three online services that can influence a purchasing decision. However, brands do not spend much money on bloggers as they would on other forms of digital marketing. Consumers know that blogs cannot be bought by brands because of which the content/review on the blog can be considered to be true and authentic.


To Have An Influence, One Needs To Blog

86% of influencers are in fact bloggers. Influencers understand that influencer marketing has a powerful impact. When an influencer writes a blog and promotes it across various social media platforms, a higher reach is obtained. Moreover, blogs continue to drive traffic to the website weeks after being published. Sharing the link to a blog on Facebook and Twitter brings in the most traffic.


Develops And Strengthen Relationships

Blogging provides the opportunity to connect with a brand in a more conversational way. It helps in building relationships with existing customers as well. It also provides the notion that a brand is not a robot and that it is aware of the current trends and can relate to the consumers. As a result, blogging will build a loyal following. Moreover, with an active comment section, the brand can engage in healthy debate on blog topics, which is needed for building trust and relationships. Once the brand is able to strengthen its relationship with existing customers, new customers will follow. Word of mouth will always be a powerful tool for spreading awareness. So, give the customers something to talk about with a blog.


Great Way To Collect Information

When a reader visits a blog page, the brand can request them to subscribe to the blog page through which the reader’s email address can be collected; which can be added into the marketing funnel. The brand can then send them emails about various promotions and offers. Moreover, following such a method can have a higher conversion rate as the ones who subscribed are already under the influence of the brand and what the brand stands for.


Blogging Can Influence Better Exposure

Many brands spend a lot of money on elaborate advertising tactics to spread brand awareness. However, if brands can develop their blog page by talking about relevant topics, it will create value for the users, and search engines will pick it up. As a result of which traffic will be generated to the website and there will be increased brand awareness. A brand that has an active blog will attain a visitor who is more likely to convert into a consumer. A recent marketing study concluded that 55% of users are encouraged enough to buy from a business if they have a consistent and interesting blog.


Back-links Will Influence One’s Domain Authority

Inbound references are ties that lead back to the website from other websites. Although this is a great tool for SEO development, if the blog is good enough it might just get picked up by other blogs too. When the link happens, Google will see it as a strong recommendation. As a result of which the website’s domain authority will increase and will be favorable to other search engines causing the brand website to rank higher in the search engines.



Blogs/blogging has a huge influence on the growth of a brand. It not only helps in ranking higher in search engines but also improves the brand image. If you are a brand just starting out, we suggest adding blogging to your digital marketing strategy.


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