About INDmoney


INDmoney is an emerging new-age player in the wealth management product market, positioned as a one stop ‘super money’ app. Founded in 2019, the company allows users to manage their finances on a single integrated platform and helps them diversify their investment portfolio across various financial instruments such as mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits & US stocks.


The Brief


INDmoney sought our influencer expertise, tasking us with maximizing their app install volumes, promoting users to log in as the 1st touchpoint and ultimately acquire quality customers to invest in US stocks via their platform.

By leveraging the extensive influencer network signed onto our platform and strategic content placements on YouTube, we knew exactly what needed to be done.


Overall Strategy


The brand has been experimenting with influencer outreach over the past 2 years, so getting new quality influencers to join on-board was a challenge. Influencer liquidity however, is our forte.

Drawing from the vetted database of authentic YouTube profiles signed on to our platform, we activated 100+ creators across several tier 1 and metro cities, with a mix of different regional languages for a diversified impact. The genre of creators ranged from tech, infotainment and finance to travel, auto, daily vloggers and so on.

At Kofluence, we take a 360 degree approach to performance marketing, leaving nothing to chance. We began testing different go-live approaches, finally settling on one creator across every category going public with their content everyday for maximum engagement. Thanks to our BI dashboard, monthly reports with key insights such as genre-wise learnings, language-wise performance and more were generated and shared for the brand to track the impact generation.


Creative Strategy


Knowing how important a role copies play in campaign conversions, our creative strategy had a clear goal: captivate and convert audiences.


The campaign communication revolved around generating intrigue and user interest in US stocks in the beginning. This was followed by an on-screen app demo, highlighting key functionalities and USP’s such as ‘Zero Brokerage’ and ‘Zero Commission’ in the middle. The promise of a reward bonus for users signing onto the platform through the creators unique link served as the final hook. A call back to the app just before the video ended was incorporated for enhanced top-of-the-mind recall.


The Results


Through the authenticity of our influencers coupled with their high-performing video content and targeted content placements, we scaled up INDmoney app registrations from 5% in Month 1 to 30% in Month 4.



180+ Content

38 Million Views

100k+ Registrations

30k+ Acquisitions



We have been working with Kofluence for the past 4 months and the experience has been fantastic! Kofluence has indeed added a lot of value to our influencer marketing initiatives and definitely helped us scale up!




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