Rummy Circle is the most trusted online platform to play rummy on. They collaborated with Kofluence to increase brand awareness as well as their acquisitions through influencer marketing. The brand wanted to increase its overall social media presence as well.

How The Campaign Unfolded?

Kofluence was entrusted with the task of spreading brand awareness, lowering the CPA, increasing their acquisitions, and bringing an overall increase in their social media presence. So, how did they achieve this!? The Kofluence team handpicked the influencers and focused on specific genres to spread the message. The integrated videos of premium quality emphasized the brand guidelines and USPs.

The Outcome

The Rummy Circle campaign had weekly and daily competitions; the key talking points were that it was safe and user friendly, fun and trustworthy and one could ensure that the payments were on time. The numbers spoke for themselves!

There was also an outstanding increase of CPA by 238%!

About The Author

Team Kofluence

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